Sleepers & Bush Rocks


When it comes to sleepers there are many options. We carry several grades of 2nd hand railway sleepers from an A grade sleepers suitable for milling, furniture or feature use. We also stock B and C grade sleepers suitable for garden edging or similar applications.

Treated pine sleepers, a cheaper, lighter and easy work with solution for all outdoor and landscaping applications.

Cement sleepers offer another option and are especially suited to retaining walls and come in a range of colours and textures customisable to your job and available with post components for an easily installed engineered retaining wall that will last a lifetime and beyond.

In store we carry a selection of locally sourced Basalt bush rock, it is a waste product from civil excavation and is bought back to the yard and pressure cleaned to remove the red soil and bring out its natural colour.

We are happy to price on larger quantities and different sizes and types of stone to suit your job.

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