Bagged Products


For convenience we sell a large range of bagged products.

Our staff have selected a long list of items from Rocky Point as well as Searles and Yates.

We can provide you with a range of products for potting all sorts of plants from cactus and succulents to natives and veggies. Also available are bagged products for fertilising, soil conditioning, mulching and making concrete.

We are also happy to bag up 35L sacks filled with any of our bulk products for when you only need a small amount to get your job done or as a practical and convenient way to save time on your job.

Bagged ProductsPer Bag
Blood & Bone: 25kg$35
Coco Pro: 30 litre$12
Lime Impact: 25kg$25
Lucerne Mulch: 6sqm$22
Organic Life: 15kg$20
Seed and Cutting Mix: 22 litre$8.50
Sugar Cane Mulch: 6sqm$13
Pine Bark 50L$10
Mushroom Compost$9
Cow Manure 30L$8
Chook Manure 25kg$17.50

Most of our products are available bagged for you convience such as:
All our Gravels, Soils, Sands, Mulches & Compost
> Premix Concrete, Rapid Set and GP & Off White Cement
> Gypsum, Urea, Native & Shrub Food and Biochar, Hydrated Line & Ag Lime
Prices on application.

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